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Clarins Singapore: Make-up

The importance of make-up to women

Make-up enhances a woman’s appearance by highlighting her best features and concealing blemishes. It plays an important role in the way we feel about ourselves, because it brings out our natural beauty while boosting our self esteem. Dark circles and pimples are common concerns, so with the help of a good concealer or colour-correcting primer, you can shift the focus away from your imperfections and draw attention to your best features.

Why choose Clarins’ make-up?

When choosing make-up, it is important to take note of the ingredients used. Make-up with high chemical content can damage your skin in the long run. At Clarins, we combine skincare and make-up together to bring you the best of both worlds, so you can have quality make-up with the potent benefits of skincare products too. Our make-up is carefully formulated with plant-based ingredients to enhance your appearance while caring for your skin.

Steps to applying full make-up

Always start with a good make-up base. Experts often recommend using a colour correcting primer to secure your make-up in place. If you are looking for a pink, yellow or green make-up primer, the Clarins SOS Primer is a lightweight, oil-free make-up base made with Organic Sea Lily extracts to hydrate while addressing your skin concerns. If you have redness or acne, the green make-up primer can help to reduce redness. Use the pink primer to add a rosy glow, and if you have dark circles, the yellow primer can help to lighten them.

Looking for a lightweight foundation online? With various types of foundation make-up available in the market, you will need to choose the right foundation shade that suits your skin type. If your skin has a bluish undertone, pick foundations with a reddish or pinkish hue. If your skin is warm toned, a yellow-based foundation shade might work better. When choosing the right foundation for oily skin, you should get a lightweight or non-cakey foundation that mattifies the skin.

Our Everlasting Foundation balances your skin tone while diminishing dark spots, giving you a long-lasting flawless complexion. This lightweight fluid foundation provides up to 18 hours of matte, radiant comfort, leaving your skin looking smooth and oil-free.

Customers also love the Everlasting Cushion Foundation, a non-cakey foundation that provides SPF coverage while hydrating the skin for a fresh and dewy look. If you are interested in buying a powder foundation online, the White Plus Brightening Powder Foundation won’t disappoint. This compact foundation is good for oily skin because it manages shine for long hours. Enhance your foundation application with our Multi-Use Foundation Brush, ideal for applying liquid, powder or cream-based products.

If you are looking for a lightweight concealer for dark spots or dark circles, the Instant Concealer is perfect for that. This lightweight, non-cakey concealer blends seamlessly into the skin, and is a great concealer for dark circles because it refreshes and brightens the shadows beneath your eyes.

Blush make-up brings a healthy glow. Add colour to your cheeks with the Joli Blush, one of our popular blush make-ups online. For eye make-up products, you can always get the Wonder Perfect Mascara online to enhance your lashes. Made with Rose Wax, this eye mascara adds astounding volume and length to your lashes.

Glam up your eye make-up with our Ombre Sparkle eyeshadow for a long-lasting shimmer, available in three pigmented metallic shades. Shape your brows with our long-wearing Eyebrow Pencil, and accentuate those gorgeous eyes with our Waterproof Eye Pencil, equipped with precision lead for easy application.

Your look isn’t complete without lipsticks. Our dermatologically-tested Joli Rouge lipstick contains Mango extracts to deliver hydration and intense colour to your lips. If you want a balm treatment with a sheer lacquer finish, you will enjoy the Joli Rouge Lacquer with a slanted tip for precise application. Don’t forget to nourish your lips with the hydrating Lip Comfort Oil, a Clarins bestseller that’s enhanced with plant oils to soften the lips.

For long-lasting make-up, finish off with a make-up setting spray like the Fix Make-Up. This light and refreshing make-up setting spray contains Aloe Vera to moisturise your skin while securing your make-up in place.

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