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Clarins Singapore: Body Moisturisers

Why You Should Use Body Moisturisers

No skincare routine is complete without body creams. Dryness and dehydration can make your skin less flexible over time, resulting in older-looking skin. This is a common problem for those who live in dry climates, as constant exposure to the sun and hot weather can dry out our skin. Using body creams and lotions as moisturisers keeps your skin hydrated and supple. If you want smooth and healthy skin, a moisturising body lotion is the way to go.

The best time to apply body moisturisers is after baths and showers, as that is when it absorbs and seals moisture best. Squeeze a good amount of your favourite body lotion or cream onto your skin and apply thoroughly. For even better results, gently massage it onto your body and enjoy an at-home massage experience. Be sure to not leave out rougher patches, such as your knees, elbows and the calluses on your feet.

Choosing the Right Body Lotion

Whether you want a scented body lotion or a body serum that prevents wrinkles, Clarins has a wide range of body moisturisers to suit all skin types and concerns.

The Wonder Fig Body Lotion smells great with hints of Blackcurrant, Ivy, Fig Leaf, Tea Tonka Beans and Musk – a wildly refreshing combination of plant-based ingredients that melt into the skin to nourish and soften. This delicately scented body lotion also contains Hazelnut Oil and hydrating Ispaghul extracts that slather the skin with moisture, so that your skin feels soft, supple and satin-smooth upon application.

If you want to buy body lotion online in Singapore, you can also try the classic Moisture-Rich Body Lotion, an all-time favourite among Clarins’ customers. This moisturising body lotion is perfect for dry skin because it is formulated with a delicious mix of Peach Milk, Shea, Candlenut Oil and Orange Blossom, which restores your skin’s hydrolipidic film and reduces signs of dehydration. Combat wrinkles with our Renew-Plus Body Serum, a concentrated serum designed to replenish your skin with firmness, radiance and smoothness while minimising fine lines and wrinkles. Water Lily Extracts help remove dry, flaky cells and keeps your skin well-moisturised day and night.

The Eau Dynamisante Moisturizing Body Lotion is the perfect hydrating milk for all skin types. This scented body lotion leaves your skin hydrated and toned for more than 8 hours.

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